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The first step is the most difficult. We know that it is easy to get lost in the beginning of the cryptocurrency investment, that's why we make it easy with these simple help panels step by step.


Why do I need an account inCoinbase?

If it is not the first time you work with cryptocurrency you may have other Ethereum wallets (any Ethereum wallet is valid to transfer funds to Rotecion), in that case you can move on to the other help sections although you may not need them. On the other hand, if you are new or new to the cryptocurrency world, we recommend you create an account in Coinbase since it allows you to buy certain cryptocurrencies from Euros and the same account is used to store them before transferring them to other accounts as in this case the one of Rotecoin.

Through Coinbase you can buy four cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash and finally Ethereum , the currency with which we work in Rotecoin.

How do I create an account in Coinbase?

Doing it is very simple, you just have to enter to Coinbase and click "Register" or fill in the fields that appear directly inviting you to create a new account

app screen

Once the form is completed, an email will be sent to verify the user and by doing so you will be able to buy cryptocurrency.

app screen

I already have an account, now how do I buy Ethereum?

Like the other steps, this is also simple. Once you're in your account, click on the option to buy / sell in the top bar

Then simply select the cryptocurrency you want to buy, in this case Ethereum, and write the amount you want to buy.

The most logical thing is that it will be the first time you do it (in that case you would not need this tutorial, right?) And it will ask you to enter a payment method.

And voilà , you just have to press the button and the funds will be added to your Ethereum wallet !


Now that I have Ethereum, how do I buy Rotecoin?

This is the step that opens the doors to all the advantages that Rotecoin has, you will only have to log in to your Rotecoin account. If you do not have an account and you don't know how to create it, it is as simple as entering here , we will ask you some information that you will have to confirm later, in the same way you will have to enter a valid email.

Once confirmed you will be ready or ready to begin the process. When you log in, the first step is to access the Transactions panel.

The active option by default is "Receive Ethereum" so you only have to press the lower button of "Transfer Ethereum to my account" and a window will open with the address of your wallet .

Here we see the PORTFOLIO ADDRESS of Ethereum, a very common term in the cryptocurrency world with which you will gradually become familiar. To understand it easily, if your portfolio (or account) of Ethereum were a house, the address would be the number and the door where a package would be sent, only in this case what you send is Cryptocurrency (Ethereum).

And how do we send it? Well, very simple, we go back to our Coinbase account and go to the Accounts tab.

As the name of the tab indicates, here we will see our accounts. We will select the Ethereum account where we will see already the amount that we've bought and we will select SEND

Then a small window will open with a few more options.

And now the last step that we have left, will be to introduce the WALLET ADDRESS of Ethereum that we have explained before in the box that asks us to "Enter an ETH address" (ETH means Ethereum).

The rest is up to the user, you can freely choose the amount you want to send to your account and when you have everything ready press Continue . In a matter of minutes we will see the amount of Ethereum sent to your Rotecoin account.


Acquire Rotecoin

If you have reached this point, it's because you already have an active Ethereum wallet , you have also created and verified an account in Rotecoin and sent it Ethereum. Then you are ready for the best. We begin.

This step is also very simple, as is logical, we go to the tab of Invest

We will find the calculator, there we can write the amount to invest and when we agree we can press the button. And you will see how quickly your Ethereum are exchanged for Rotecoin.

This seems too easy to need a tutorial, so we will take advantage that you are here to inform you of the advantages of investing in Rotecoin.

1. You decide: Here you have the power to do what you want with your money. If you invest $100 and then you want to take them out, you do it. The money is well stored so that when the user wants to take it out, it can be returned instantly. Imagine what would happen if everyone were to take all their money out of the bank ... When they asked for your $100 they would tell you that they do not have them, because while you think they "keep" your money, they are doing business with it, which brings us to the next point.

2. Ethics counts: As you should know, most banks do military business, help with the manufacture of weapons and support the purchase and sale of these, with your money. What makes us all a bit responsible for certain consequences. At Rotecoin we certify that your money will never be supporting activities as detestable and unethical as these.

3. 100% Free Transactions: Fortunately, this is something that is being reduced locally, but whoever has made a transfer, even though it is European, has seen that the rates can even reach 50% of the transaction! Here you can exchange Rotecoin among other users paying 0 for fees, that is one of our strongest points.

4. Save: Rotecoin can help you save a lot. If you do not convince yourself to invest, try to do it with a minimum amount, $10 for example, and do not do anything for a few months. Then look again at your capital and start trusting Rotecoin. Unlike any bank, in which the interest you generate is between 0 and 1%, having an account in Rotecoin allows you to obtain much higher profits (just for the fact of keeping the money) and, therefore, save much more.


Express Investment

If you are here, possibly because you have your wallet with some Rotecoin and want to take a step forward, you want to go a little further. Well, this, is that step that takes you higher, the Express Investment

The operation could be summarized as an Express Investment , just as everything that makes things go faster, has some risk. In this section you will see a calculator very similar to the "Normal" Investments, only some colors will change to communicate that this type of investment is different.

An express inversion is the one that, after investing, in a matter of seconds can return you your capital multiplied by almost 200%!

On the other hand, (here comes the risk) instead of receiving capital plus its entire half benefit, you can simply get a return of 0. In that case it may seem like a bad thing but no, this is doubly positive if you have Rotecoin ! We explain why: By making express investments, a part of that quantity is invested in Rotecoin, which increases its value. In case you get your 190% you will be happy because you have obtained benefits but not only that, you will also have even more benefit since your Rotecoin will have increased in value. On the other hand, if as we are explaining, returns 0, ALL that investment is not left to anyone who benefits at your expense, goes entirely to Rotecoin! So if you have made an express investment and this has returned 0, go check your Rotecoin because in this time, although not so many, you will have generated almost equal benefits!

It is worth reporting that considering that Rotecoin is a currency that is constantly rising, that makes it slower. Surely you will not see your Rotecoin upload in a matter of seconds, but wait a few hours or just reinvest with the algorithmic commands and you will see how without realizing you are generating benefits for you and those around you.

We say that, because if Rotecoin rises, all users equally earn. That is why it is interesting that you share it with family, friends and people who you would like to make that can generate benefits in this way. They may not trust the Internet, so propose them to buy some Rotecoin and simply try to leave them in their accounts, in a few months you can check the changes.

In short, you enter the Express Investment tab, invest for example ~$100 and as soon as the coin has just finished to spin you are being given between $190 and $200! On the opposite, you can being returned 0, but if you invest $100 again, you can get those $190 and adding the new benefit in Rotecoin you will have practically recovered the investment!


Do you have more doubts?

You can create an account in Rotecoin and send a ticket to support.

Rotecoin FAQ

Do you have more questions? You are not alone, check out the frequently asked questions (they are added if users usually ask us the same thing) and if you can not find the answer ask us !

No, we make the help section with Coinbase because we think it is the simplest thing but if you have other Ethereum portfolios (myEthWallet, Binance, etc) you can send Ethereum to Rotecoin in the same way.