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You just landed on the first platform that allows you to make transfers in seconds completely free of charge and generate revenue while you do it. Join us and start to profit from the new era of the economy

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About Rotecoin

Now that you have reached us, let us tell you a bit how we work

The cryptocurrency that is revolutionizing the market

The beginning in the world of cryptocurrency is difficult, and can become dangerous if you do not act with a cold mind and intelligence, we must be aware that it is a world where traps and amalgams abound for you to lose your money. To avoid possible unfortunate situations with cryptocurrency we have created Rotecoin , a cryptocurrency that you can keep in your wallet within our own website, forget about constant and dangerous changes from one wallet to another and start to enjoy the tranquility of having a totally safe currency.

The final result is the fantastic, from your Ethereum portfolio you buy Rotecoin (our cryptocurrency) and then your freedom begins; You can transfer those cryptocurrencies instantly to other users through the web, the user will receive it in a matter of seconds and it will be free for both, in each transfer we charge a 0% of fees. There will be no more banks and giant companies taking advantage of your money anymore.


What we offer?

If you got here, is because you're still not sure about creating an account and getting started. Here we leave you some last advantages that will convince you

User first

We have a lot to do on the platform, but you will always be our top priority. You and everything that is related to you is 100% in the front line

Ticket system

With any problem or doubt you have, you can send us messages that we will answer in no time

Instant movements

Whether buying, selling or exchanging money with another user, any transaction you make will be completed in a matter of seconds


Our platform is young and does not stop growing. Rotecoin is constantly rising, at this moment you are leaving benefit behind!

Your data safe

We will only ask for your data once. It will be well saved and unlike other websites, nobody will trade with them.

Security before everything

Everything that has to do with your money is rigorously protected. Even if everything were broken, your cryptocurrency would remain tied to you and be sent back to your wallet.